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before and after

[This page was made ages ago. I'm leaving this up for my continued embarrassment.]

You may be wondering: what difference can such a tiny piece of jewellery make? Well, let these before and after photos show you the AMAAAAZING POWER OF RINGS!


Eight glasses of water a day.



But look how exciting it is when you add a ring!

It's magic!


Jeans and a black top: classic, but how do you stand out from all those other people wearing the same thing?


Add a shot of colour with a ring!



With a ring...


...anything you do, you can do in style!  ;)

The Carrotbox is a site dedicated to all those wonderful rings made of glass, lucite, resin, plastic, jade, wood, bakelite and even stone — anything, as long as it's not metal! Visit the shop!

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