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Friday, February 28, 2003    
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Just look at this ring. Look at this ring! It couldn't be more adorable. I came this close to buying it but, luckily — or unluckily, rather — the closeup photo showed the backside of the ring, revealing that the flower sits on a metallic rest. Why, oh why?? So, even though the band is beaded and the flower is resin, the back of the flower would corrode my skin. Darn it! Woe is me, and all that. While I sit here and pout, get yours for US$25 at Tarina Tarantino. Comes in a variety of colours.

Wednesday, February 26, 2003    
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I got my Lazuli rings today (see entry for February 20th) but imagine my shock when I had to pay $25 in tax and customs fees! Unreal! When you factor in shipping and exchange, it means that three $7 rings cost me $67. Sheesh. And the worst part? They sent me the wrong colour! Argh. I might not post these in my gallery until I get the colour issue sorted out.

Tuesday, February 25, 2003    
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I added a couple of big, chunky lucite rings to my collection (one blue, one purple). Check them out in "my rings."

Monday, February 24, 2003    
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I got a new batch of fantastic rings this weekend! Check the store! (Of course, I kept a couple for myself, too.) Everytime I think I've picked a favourite, I find something better.

I'm posting news much more frequently than I'd anticipated. Who knew there'd be so much to say about plastic rings?

Sunday, February 23, 2003    
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Can someone please buy this for me? Thanks.
(This colour will do, too, if you want to save ten bucks.)

Thursday, February 20, 2003    
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I seem to find a lot of plastic ring makers based in Boston. Of course, I'm finding them now, after I moved OUT of Boston (it was just a two-year stint)! These brightly-coloured acrylic bands from Lazuli Jewelry were too tempting for me to resist, even though they're hard to examine closely in that photo. They should be arriving any day now; check back here for a report. (If you want to order some, I should mention they were US$7 each, not $5 like it says online.)

In my search for plastic rings, I come across a lot of fabulous metallic jewellery that I have to try really, really hard not to link to (it's my mission to focus on plastic, after all). But we've already established that I'm weak, right? So here's the "cutie bead ring" from I love the shape of the band! If only it came in (wait for it)... plastic.

By the way, you may have noticed I've got earrings in my store now. Those were supposed to be beaded rings, but I got distracted and ended up revisiting my old passion for making earrings instead. With any luck, I'll get some beaded rings up there eventually.

Monday, February 17, 2003    
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I just got back from a great vintage housewares store on West 4th Ave. called "Now and Then." I went straight for their jewellery display (of course) and found a selection of glass dome rings! I nabbed one and posted a pic on my glass ring page. I also bought a vintage glass bowl and cermaic jug, but you're not here to see those!

Sunday, February 16, 2003    
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Found some interesting glass rings at "Want to buy?" it says. "You have good taste!" It's Kirk! (If you don't know what I'm talking about, nevermind :)

I don't think I'd actually wear one, but Too Faced Cosmetics' bauble gloss ring combines two of my favourite things: plastic rings and lip gloss. They're not too bad at US$12, but Oriental Trading offers a jeweled knock-off for US$7.95.

Thursday, February 13, 2003    
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All right — which one of you snapped up this clear lucite ring worn by Barbra Streisand?

Monday, February 10, 2003    
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Purple is my favourite colour, so I just love it when I find purple rings — like the one pictured here! Unfortunately for me, it only comes in size 8 — too big (sigh). If you think it'll fit you, check it out (scroll to the bottom of the page). Also comes in red, light pink and dark pink; US$12.

Friday, February 7, 2003    
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I just added a big batch of mod lucite rings to the store. Check it out!

I've been told that the latest issue of Real Simple magazine has a picture of nice rings made of jade, onyx, jasper and carnelian. Too bad I let my subscription run out... I did manage to find a ring of solid carnelian online (I don't think it's the same one from the magazine, though). Carnelian is popping up all over the place this season. This one goes for $15.

Wednesday, February 5, 2003    
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Welcome to The Carrotbox! The site is now live! Watch this space for news and links to other plastic or otherwise non-metallic rings.

I just returned from Vegas, where I was hoping to check out the Lalique store inside Caesars Palace. Unfortunately, I forgot about it while I was there (too busy feeding those slots!) and just didn't have time for the rest of the trip. Oh well! This continues my tradition of missing out on Lalique boutiques all around North America — New York, Beverly Hills, Chicago, Los Angeles, Montreal, the Bahamas and St. Thomas.

Inside the Venetian Hotel, I was excited to come across an Agatha boutique right by the entrance. I thought they only had stores in France. I asked to try on a ring similar to the one pictured here (only it was black with red stones), but to be honest, was slightly disappointed by the quality. It felt really light and cheap... which was fine, because it was a bit too gaudy for my taste anyway. Farther inside, I found a fabulous Murano glass store, where they were selling glass rings. Some were frosted glass, which is unusual. I resisted the temptation to buy one (none really called out to me anyway). Good thing, because later that night I found even more Murano glass rings at the Monte Carlo, and they were about $10 less ($15 less, to a Canadian like me!). I bought one as a souvenir. Hopefully I'll get a picture of it up soon on my ring collection page, which is still under construction.

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