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Chunky Agate Statement Rings

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 chunky agate rings

Make room for your newest signature piece. These big, bold agate rings are simply fantastic. Most measure approximately 1" across, making them impossible to ignore. Their eye-catching size, combined with natural stone in classic colours, makes these both striking and timeless. Each ring is faceted on top with a smooth band. Your ring may vary slightly from the ones pictured, due to handcarving and the natural variations in agate. Please allow for the occasional nick or scratch from the carving process as well as natural fissures and inclusions that occur in the stone.

 chunky agate ring
chunky agate ring
chunky agate ring
Dark Grey Pillow

One size:

If shipping outside USA, click here.

 chunky agate ring
chunky agate ring
chunky agate ring
Grey Band

Please keep in mind this is not like a traditional band ring; it's very chunky! Tapers a bit in back and the front is a bit more than half an inch tall.

Sold Out - Thank You!

 chunky agate ring
chunky agate ring
chunky agate ring
Chocolate Agate

One size:

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 chunky agate ring
chunky agate ring
chunky agate ring
Dark Moss Leaf

You may not receive the exact ring pictured but it will be very similar.

Sold Out - Thank You!


If you've been longing for larger sizes, here's your chance! "Aries" is a very chunky faceted agate band. The height varies from 3/4" to 1"; to help you get the ring you want, I've split them into two height groups from which you can choose. Note: most have some kind of streak or natural inclusion on the band, similar to what you see in the third photo above. However, these spots can be hidden (palm-side) when worn.

 men's black agate ring
men's black agate band
"Aries" (a)

Group (a) rings measure between 3/4" and 1" in height. Please also see description above.

One size left:

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 faceted men's black agate ring
faceted men's black agate ring
"Aries" (b)

Group (b) rings measure 3/4" or just a shade less in height. Please also see description above.

Choose a size:

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For SLIM black agate in smaller sizes, see Agatha!

 Will these rings be restocked?  

7/16/17: I am working on stocking some more but it may be several weeks. Please keep your eye on the What's New page!

More stone!

More stone!

More stone!

More chunky natural rings!

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