Chunky Agate Rings

Make room for your newest signature piece. These big, bold agate rings are simply fantastic. Most measure approximately 1" across, making them impossible to ignore. Their eye-catching size, combined with natural stone in classic colours, makes these both striking and timeless. Each ring is faceted on top with a smooth band. Your ring may vary slightly from the ones pictured, due to handcarving and the natural variations in agate. Please allow for the occasional nick or scratch from the carving process as well as natural fissures and inclusions that occur in the stone.

Chocolate Agate    |   $25 USD

One size:

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Dark Grey Pillow    |   $25 USD

Sort of a very dark taupey grey (brownish undertones).

Sold Out - Thank You!


If you've been longing for larger sizes, here's your chance! "Aries" is a very chunky faceted agate band. The height varies from 3/4" to 1"; to help you get the ring you want, I've split them into two height groups from which you can choose. Note: most have some kind of streak or natural inclusion on the band, similar to what you see in the photo here. However, these spots can be hidden (palm-side) when worn if you like. A great one for men!

"Aries" (a)    |   $22 USD

Group (a) is the taller one, with rings measuring between 3/4" and 1" in height.

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"Aries" (b)    |   $22 USD

Group (b) is the shorter one, with rings measuring 3/4" or just a shade less in height.

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